These are all the ways to mute a player in CSGO

From muting to filtering, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has plenty of ways for players to decide who to talk to using the game’s many communication tools. which means the player just sits there and takes it. Here are four easy ways players can mute other users in CSGO. Read: csgo how to mute players

How to mute players in CSGO

A few years ago, players were forced to open CSGO’s console to mute other players. But after several updates designed to move the game’s console commands to CSGO’s menus, Valve has finally made this easier following a February 2020 update that brought More powerful communication options for first-person shooters.

Step 1: Check CSGO’s communication settings.

To find CSGO’s communication settings, launch CSGO and select the “Settings” gear, click on the main “Game” options section, and finally click or scroll to the “Communication” menu. Here players will find six settings that they can use to control almost any type of voice and text chat coming from other players. This menu is home to two of CSGO’s most powerful communication options:Mute all but friends” and “Mute Enemy Team. ”original

Step 2: Enable CSGO’s “Ignore Enemy Group” setting

“Silent Enemy Team” allows the user to mute all chat messages from players on the opposite side in all modes of the game, but it is most useful in competition. Since players already know that they shouldn’t be looking at mid lane on Mirage, there’s no reason for enemy CT to remind them. died.

Step 3: “Mute all but friends” is CSGO’s best option to mute players

Read more: how to use the hdmi port on the motherboard Everyone is happy that Valve is finally introducing it “Mute all but friends“Chat Options. CSGO settings not only mute the opposing team’s voice chats and messages, but also ignore teammates’ messages.original

Control CSGO with “Mute all but friends”

The “Mute all but friends” setting has three levels of mute to choose from, each more stringent than the previous one.

  • “No”: Setting “Mute all but friends” to “No” means that players will be able to hear voice chats and see chat messages from all players. This setting doesn’t allow enemies to communicate with the player in situations where they wouldn’t normally, such as in CSGO’s competitive queue.
  • “Only in non-competing queues”: This is the center setting for “Mute all but friends,” which turns off casual and match modes out of the game’s control while automatically allowing player-team communication in the game. a competitive match. This means a user can join a friend in a deathmatch and hear them fine, they won’t have to listen to anyone else. When a player enters a competitive game where communication is more important, CSGO will automatically mute teammates. By combining “Only in non-competing queues” with the “Ignore opposing team” option above, users can limit conversations with their teammates without worrying about the opposing team dragging they down.
  • “Always”: Just one step away from the next setting on our list, changing this option to “Always” means users will never have to listen to a player they can’t speak. This setting also works on instant messages, but we recommend using this setting only if things have gotten out of hand. Good communication is often how players win the game in CSGO, so this setting can cost a player the cost of winning.
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The “Always” option is the most restrictive setting under “Mute all but friends”. When enabled, “Always” mutes any players not on the user’s friends list from voice and text chat. There are four more communication-related settings in CSGO’s settings. Three of them are simple yet powerful tools to make the game’s user base a little less distracting, while the last option is a self-built moderation bot that anyone can have. usable. Introduced with Operation Broken Fang, the user has the ability to mute the sound that plays when a teammate pings an area, or disable the ping audio and visual altogether. We recommend maintaining it, especially since Valve has been addressing the system issues since its release. That doubles if the player has chosen to use the options listed above. With those features enabled, ping may be the only way teammates can communicate. “Hide avatar imagesand “Clean player name“Are two of the most underrated CSGO mute options. Hiding player avatars will change all profile pictures to Steam’s default ones, while cleaning up player names will replace the unknown user’s handle with a random one. You should have this setting on most of the time, and not just because some CSGO players sometimes have the most disturbing names in the game. Best Players. By hiding enemy names and avatars, users may not be able to see exactly which enemies are left, allowing them to focus more on their game and worry less.

Step 4: Configure Steam’s new text filtering option

Read more: how to edit audio in Sony vegas pro 13 For players who want a more targeted approach to restricting and allowing communication, Steam’s chat filter is just what they need. Clicking the button labeled “Account Preferences” in CSGO’s settings menu opens chat filtering in the Steam overlay. Here, players can customize the text chat they see in two ways. Users can choose to have Valve filter out a pre-made list of profanity and profanity from any text chat, including in the user’s Steam messages. This extends to in-game chat in any Valve game, including CSGO. There is a less strict option to filter out profanity but allow profanity, as well as an option to disable chat filtering entirely.originalEven if players choose to turn off Steam’s new chat filter, they still have the option to create their own wordlist to add to a personalized blacklist. This way allows Valve to provide filters to players who want them while still allowing users to decide what words they do and don’t want to see. Just enter the word in the box on the left and click “Add”. Additionally, Valve gives players the option to create “No Filtering” lists, where they can choose specific words they don’t want to be censored. Just like the blacklist, users just need to enter the words they don’t want to be banned in the right box. Users can also find this option by navigating to “Account Details” and then “Preferences” in the Steam client.

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Step 5: Ignore a player from the scoreboard while playing a game of CSGO

All the tips talked about so far can be well established before getting into a CSGO game. But every now and then, a match goes south when the player is right in the middle of it. Luckily, Valve’s 2020 update also adds the ability to let players mute others directly from the scoreboard with just a few clicks. Once in the game, the player can hold the “tab” to open the scoreboard before right clicking to enable the mouse. Once done, all it takes is two quick left clicks before the player doesn’t have to hear their green teammates scream with purple anymore.original

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Valve has added so many communication tools to CSGO that it’s hard to keep track of them. But as the game breaks new records and hits new highs, sometimes people need a little break to listen to the chaos. Read more: how to start the computer for the first time.

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