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The Nuclear Throne is an absolute blast even if you’re really not good at it. But it’s OK! The more you play, the better you get. And the better you are, the further you can advance into the wasteland, unlock more characters, see new locations, and meet new challenges. to unlock them all if you are new to the game. Some require you to find out the secret, but most are unlocked by reaching a certain point in the game. Read: nuclear throne how to unlock all characters You have basic characters like Crystal and Melting that act like night and day and that trend continues as you unlock more characters. Some are better for some tasks than others, but you will meet some you simply enjoy playing more. Take a look at each character and how they can be unlocked as you progress through the Nuclear Throne.


How to unlock: Fish is one of two characters available to you the first time you play, the other being Crystal.Description: Fish starts with more ammo and gets more from weapons and dropped ammo than other characters. His special ability is high speed rolling to get around wasteland (and enemy projectiles) quickly, and his Throne Butt allows unlimited rolling.12d14b888b67516fdffec5eeda38b61cUnlock B-skins: Fish’s B-skin will unlock as you repeat the game with each character.


How to unlock: Crystal is the other character available when you start the game.Description: Crystal can be had at the beginning just like Fish, but her playstyle is completely different. She has the most HP of all the characters and her special skill allows her to protect herself from damage for a few seconds. Her Throne Butt shortens her shield duration but allows short range teleportation.5bb9eb8759a45c8259635134b157b8ecUnlock B-skins: Access the cursed Crystal Cave area while playing as a Crystal.How to get to Cursed Crystal Caves: Equip a cursed weapon at the entrance to Crystal Caves (4-1).


How to unlock: Eyes are opened by going to the Gate (2-1).Description: Eyes has a remote control ability, which he can use to pull items (rads, chests, weapons, etc.) to him and push enemies away. He also has better vision in dark areas. Eyes’s Throne Butt makes his remote control more powerful, making him pull or push items and enemies away faster.f0b6b86bbfe081a508d6fd328dde2588Unlock B-skins: Reach the Pizza Drain while using the Eye.How to get to Pizza Sewers: Use explosive weapons like the Grenade Launcher on the circular manhole in the Manhole (2-1).


How to unlock: The melt feature is unlocked after you die for the first time.Description: Melting is a very high-risk high-reward character. He starts with 2 HP but can make his enemies’ corpses explode to deal damage in the radius. Melting’s Throne Butt makes the explosions bigger, thus dealing more damage.897ead4b0359258f4babc997f20f0720Unlock B-skins: Defeat the final boss Melting without the Rhino Skin or Strong Spirit mutants.

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How to unlock: Plants are unlocked by going to the Scrapyard (3-1).Description: Plant has the fastest default movement speed of all characters and has the special ability to shoot a vine to trap enemies entering it. His Throne button renders the vines deadly, causing them to automatically kill any enemies below 33% health on contact.57ad5eb2b34cd618ad254c7d37fd3e86Unlock B-skins: Beat the game and defeat the Nuclear Throne in less than 10 minutes.

Yung Venuz (YV)

Read more: how to get sweet dreams divided by 2 | Top Q&AHow to unlock: Yung Venuz is unlocked upon reaching YV’s Mansion.How to get to YV’s Mansion: Have a Screwdriver ready when entering 3-1 and find a broken car with a holder.da9351842b80571f0f7fbccc1d751d59Hit the car with a Screwdriver (or Power Screwdriver or Gold Screwdriver) to fix it and get into the gate.Description: YV has a higher rate of fire with all weapons when compared to other characters, but that’s not all. His special ability allows him to fire his equipped weapon twice at a time to deal heavy damage, at the cost of a longer reload time. YV’s Throne Butt allows him to fire four rounds at once with an even longer reload time.bd721db6a5fe98d1c56f16cb16f3d7afUnlock B-skins: Unlock a golden weapon for each character.How to unlock the Golden Weapon for each character: Go through any portal that has a Gold Weapon equipped on a character and that Gold Weapon will be available to that character to begin with in subsequent plays.


How to unlock: Steroids can be unlocked by going to the Laboratory area (6-1).Description: Steroids can wield (and therefore fire) two weapons at once. All of his weapons are automatic, which means you only need to hold down to fire, at the expense of less accuracy than other characters. His Throne Butt gives a chance to regenerate ammo for one weapon while firing the other.a88a545c54cb56fcf4cbcd448d1e1363Unlock B-skins: Defeat the Technomancer boss with Steroids.How to join the Technomancer war: Repeat the game once and go to the Lab to fight the Technomancer.


How to unlock: The robot can be unlocked by going to the Frozen City area (5-1).Description: Robots can eat weapons to get more HP or ammo and find more powerful weapons in earlier levels. Its Throne button grants extra health or ammo when eating a weapon.b99129824ef36c36ff30a5234972f348Unlock B-skins: Eat Hyper Launcher, Hyper Rifle or Hyper Slugger as a Robot.


How to unlock: Chickens can be unlocked by going to the Jungle area.How to get to the Jungle area: There is a Last Wish mutant before entering the portal to the Frozen City (5-1) and a special blue flower should be somewhere on the map. Press ‘E’ on the flower four times to load up 4 HP (if you have one) to open the portal to the Forest.Description: Chicken starts with the Chicken Sword and can throw his main weapon to deal damage, unlike the other characters. She also has the unique ability to continue when her HP reaches 0 instead of dying from losing her head, then regenerate it at the cost of 2 max HP. Her Throne Butt causes her thrown weapon to pierce enemies.7e555dcf51165c68b02e329e6c4ec51dUnlock B-skins: Reach the sewer (2-1) in Hard Mode with Chicken.To unlock Hard Mode: Repeat the game twice in one play.

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How to unlock: Rebel can be unlocked by defeating the Throne II boss and repeating.Description: Rebel can summon temporary allies to fight with her at the cost of HP, with one ally costing 1 HP and the second ally costing 2 HP. If she enters a portal with less than full health, she will heal back to full before starting the next area. Her Throne Butt increases the fire rate of her summoned allies. Read more: how to do a dive and a halfUnlock B-skins: Defeat Mom boss while playing as Rebel.How to reach boss Mom: Repeat the game once during play and she will spawn in the Sewer area (2-1).


How to unlock: The Horror can be unlocked by bypassing the Radiation Canisters in two consecutive areas and defeating the Horror that appears in the next level.Description: Horror’s special allows it to fire a radioactive beam that deals damage and destroys projectiles, at the cost of collection. Horror cannot level down while firing its beam and has the option of mutating when leveling up. Its Throne button makes the beam wider faster and heals Horror if fired for a long time.27a0705f551b75f00a74aaffc21a58e7Unlock B-skins: Defeat the Hyper Crystal boss while playing as Horror.How to achieve Hyper Crystal Boss: Hyper Crystal will appear in Crystal Caves (4-1) after a loop.


How to unlock: The Rogue can be unlocked by defeating the Nuclear Throne and sitting on it.Description: Rogue is a high-risk character with the special ability Portal Strike, which allows you to draw a line on the ground to activate her special explosive. Radiation Canisters gives her Portal Strike ammo instead of rads. Rogue’s armor explodes and deals AoE damage around her location when damaged. Her Throne button causes her explosion to deal more damage. All of this comes at a cost that IDPD will keep an eye on you throughout the run.517cf972d63f42b74d552dd30aa7bfa8Unlock B-skins: Defeat the Captain using Rogue.How to contact the Captain: The Captain Boss is located on the last floor of the IDPD Headquarters. You can enter IDPD Headquarters by repeating the game and pressing the ‘E’ key at the IDPD van with the lights on.

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Secret characters

There are two secret characters in Nuclear Throne that are not shown on the character selection screen. That is:


Using: Died in the Necromancer’s revival circle in the Lab (6-1) when Melting transforms into a Skeleton.Description: Skeleton will replace Melting if Melting dies in Necromancer’s circle, but he starts with 4 HP instead of Melting’s 2. The trade-off here is that Skeleton’s movement speed and accuracy are both pretty low. Weapons don’t cost ammo, risk taking damage instead of using ammo. His Throne Butt makes him less likely to take damage when using his special ability.


Using: First, you need to have the Crown. Deal damage to boss Mom in round 2-1 with the Golden Weapon and she will drop the Frog Pistol. Take the Frog Pistol across the track and reach the Crown Vault, which should contain the Proto Weapon Chest.b1af4e81442e251f8d47d1645f114943Place the Frog Pistol in the Proto Weapon Chest and play through the game with another character. Run the Crown Vault on that character and open the Proto Weapon Chest to get the Golden Frog Pistol. Pass it through a portal and the Golden Frog Pistol can be used as that character’s starting weapon. Equipping the Golden Frog Pistol turns your character into a Frog once the run begins.Description: Unlike Skeleton, Frog can be used right from the start. He is also immune to poison and cannot stand still. He will bounce off walls he hits, so he requires constant movement from the player’s side. That said, he will stay still while you’re charging his special. Frog’s Special emits a toxic cloud that damages enemies. His Throne button makes the cloud spread more widely. Each character is different from the next, and you probably won’t click all of them. But they all have their uses, and each use is deadly. Good luck unlocking them all! Read more: how to plan a board without a planer

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