How To Take Apart A Gun

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2020 is a year like no other for our country. We’ve seen some unprecedented things happen, one of them being a record number of firearms sold – and in many cases to first-time gun owners. To address this, we created the “Springfield Armory Workbench Series” that covers the disassembly, care, and maintenance of some of Springfield’s most popular firearms. Firearms covered will include the Hellcat (available here), SAINT, 1911, M1A and XD-M Elite firearms.Springfield Armory Desk Banner for HellcatThe new Springfield Armory Workbench video series covers popular Springfield guns like the 9mm Hellcat. I recently read in an article that in 2020 alone there will be more than 5 million new gun owners. With a record number of firearms sold, the great demand for ammunition manufacturers also increased. If in fact there are many new gun owners, and if each of those “new” gun owners buys two cartridges, that equates to hundreds of millions of rounds just for them. It is reasonable to assume that many of these gun owners are likely new gun owners. And many of them can be a bit overwhelmed by all there is to learn about their new gun, especially in terms of care and maintenance. Heck, even we seasoned shooters can still learn a thing or two about this in a lot of cases! So let’s dive in and get started.Springfield Armory series of desksThe entire Workbench series will include some of Springfield Armory’s most popular guns.

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Of all the new guns on sale, it seems that compact carry guns are some of the most popular. And when it comes to that category, one must consider the Hellcat micro 9mm. With 11+1 power (13+1 with expansion mag included), +P capability, red dot optical acceptability in the OSP version, and superb handling and performance, it’s a great choice for CCW. In the video at the top of the page, I discuss the Hellcat pistol’s basic gun care/maintenance in detail. The first thing any gun owner should do after purchasing a new gun is to read the owner’s manual that came with it. Although the manual is included with the Hellcat, you can also find a digital copy of it here.Springfield Armory Hellcat FDE with Safe VaultekThe +P-rated 9mm Hellcat pistol has proven to be a hugely popular CCW pistol.Read more: how to make the 808 hit the studio Whenever you’re holding a gun, you ALWAYS follow four rules gun safety, as follows:

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  • Treat all guns as if they were loaded.
  • Don’t point the muzzle at anything you don’t want to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you decide to shoot.
  • Make sure you define your goal and what’s around it and behind it.
  • Once you’re familiar with the owner’s manual for your particular gun, in this case the Hellcat, you can begin the process. And the first step is to ALWAYS make sure the weapon is unloaded and empty. Follow the instructions in the manual to remove the gun.Springfield Armory 9mm HellcatThe Hellcat has an 11+1 capacity with an in-line magazine, Once the pistol is cleaned and emptied you can disassemble the pistol for cleaning and lubrication. Whenever I receive a new gun, whether new or used, I unload and disassemble it, and wipe away any residue or grease. Since new guns are almost always test-fired by the manufacturer, many times a new gun will also have some residue in its internal workings. With used guns, anyone can guess what a gun has been through with its previous owner, so a thorough cleaning is always a great idea.

    Knock down

    Enter Hellcat now. First, as noted above, make sure the gun is unloaded and that there are no magazines in the compartment. Once you have cleared the magazine and compartment, lock the slide that opens to the rear with the slide lock. From there, I would use my finger to physically check the cavity to make sure there aren’t any bullets in it and also to check that there aren’t any magazines in the gun.Removable Springfield Armory HellcatAfter making sure the Hellcat is unloaded and clear, you can begin disassembling. Next, I rotated the release lever from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock, and while holding the slide with my support hand, I pulled it back slightly to release the slide stop button, which would allow slides go forward. It will stop after it gets back to full battery (closed). Now, with an empty pistol, I pull the trigger with the pistol pointing in the safe direction (and while still holding the slider with my assist hand). This allows me to drag the slide forward and out of the frame. By removing the slide from the frame, I was then able to remove the recoil spring assembly and barrel from the slide. Your Hellcat is now disassembled for cleaning.Springfield Armory Hellcat . anti-shock spring assemblyOnce the slide is removed, you can remove the barrel and spring assembly from it.

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    People often ask “What kind of gun cleaning/lubricating product do you recommend/use?”. Honestly, I use many different brands. Almost all brands of gun cleaning/lubrication products made for firearms today work as advertised, so just buy what you like and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you should go.M16 brush used on HellcatThe video host is shown here using the “M16 brush” to clean small, hard-to-reach areas. Read more: How to Drink Vodka Like the Russians Speaking of the equipment I use to clean my guns, I have a one-piece cleaning stick that I will use a serrated paste and a drilled brush with. One caveat about bore brushes – I only use brass brushes, never a stainless steel bore brush. I have what we call a toothbrush-like M16 brush, but with a small brush head to get into small areas. I also use specifically sized cleaning patches for any size guns I might be cleaning, along with Q-tips. I buy paper Q-tips instead of plastic sticks, because they seem stiffer and don’t bend easily. I also use a red shop rag that I bought at the local hardware store.Lubricant for Springfield Armory HellcatProper use of lubricants is the order of the day when prepping your Hellcat. Cleaning your Hellcat is pretty straightforward. I use a red rag to remove most of the old oil residue along with any powder stains. I use the M16 brush to remove any stubborn stains and the Q tips to get into small areas. When I finished cleaning the frame and slide, I switched to the bin. I will run a few patches with powdered solvent into the barrel with the cleaning rod, always working from the cavity towards the muzzle. I would switch from patch, to bore brush, and run the brush back and forth about 10-15 times in the barrel. You should always push the brush with the hole through the barrel before pulling back so as not to damage the bristles of the brush. . Remember, only a minimal amount of lubricating oil is required.

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    Keeping your Hellcat clean is easy, and for some people, cleaning a gun is a ritual. If you’re using the Hellcat as a carry gun, you should clean it at least once a month even if it’s not fired. You might be surprised at how much lint, dirt, and grime clings to it when you wear it every day. You should also clean it after each training/shooting session. The basics of the care and maintenance of your Hellcat pistol. Whether it’s a ranged gun or your CCW companion, these steps will help you keep the Hellcat ready to go. Keep shooting and keep Hellcat clean! Click the “Go to forum thread” link below to join! Join the discussion Go to the forum threadRead more: How to chop down a person who makes a widowIn this video

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