How To Fix White Dots On Lg Tv Screen

What causes white spots or dots on the TV screenIf you fall into the case of noticing white spots or dots on your TV, don’t worry. This problem is known to occur on most LCD TVs and it is really simple to solve. The white spots (dots) you notice are the light from the LED backlight inside the TV. Due to frequent use or poor quality, some parts inside the TV may move out of place and cause white spots or dots to shine on the screen. In this article, we will explain why this problem occurs and how to resolve it. So let’s get started. Read: how to fix white dots on LG TV screen

What causes white spots or dots on the TV screen?

So what causes white spots or white spots on TV screens? White spots or dots on LCD TVs are caused by a dropped reflector (lens) inside the LCD TV control panel. These reflectors are placed in front of the LED backlight and are used to spread the LED light across the screen. Usually, they fall off due to poor quality or heat generated inside the TV.When you turn on the TV, you will see a LED beam covered by plastic reflector or lenses. These lenses are mostly stickers in front of the LED backlight, and as TVs get too hot when in use, they start to fall off from their position and create white spots or dots on your TV screen. There is also a similar problem with LCD TVs and that is the creation of dark (black) spots on the TV. If you want to find out What causes black (black) spots on TV screen, read the following article.

The reason why white spots or white spots appear on LCD TV

As we said above, These white spots or dots appearing on LCD TVs are usually caused by overheating problems and poor integration quality. Anyone who has noticed knows that older TVs are practically unaffected by this visual defect, this problem mainly occurs in LED-backlit TVs, more precisely the so-called side LED backlights. A light-conducting plastic panel is located behind the panel. Read more: how to disassemble the trolling minn kota engineThere are 2 main errors that cause white dots or spots on the TV screen:

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  • Dead Pixels: LCD and LED TVs each consist of millions of pixels or pixels whose primary purpose is to light up and produce an image on the TV screen. Sometimes problems can occur if some pixels are damaged and stuck in a particular state causing the problem and they appear as white spots on the TV screen.
    • LED reflector: Every LCD TV comes with a reflector (lens) that helps to condition and spread the LED light on the screen. Sometimes these reflectors loosen and they fall out of place. When that happens, you will notice a white point of light on the TV screen. In most cases you will have several white spots (dots) on the screen, not just one.

    To fix this, you’ll need to open up your TV and get the help of super glue to help the reflectors fall back into their place.

    How to Fix (Repair) White Spots or Spots on Your TV?

    Whether you have experience repairing TVs or appliances before, if you follow the instructions below, I believe you will can fix your TV and remove white spots on your TV screen. You will need to disassemble your LCD TV and return the dropped reflectors back to their original position with the help of glue. What you will need are the following:Device:

    • Medium screwdriver
    • Small screwdriver
    • Small Prying Tool
    • Gorilla Glue (super glue)
    • Q-tips
    • Gloves

    Step by step instructions on how to fix white spots or dots on TV screen:

  • Turn off the TV and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Remove all screws that secure the back of the TV.
  • Carefully pull out the metal tabs. (Be careful when you are doing this)
  • Disconnect the speaker connectors and pull the speakers from your TV.
  • Disconnect something of the circuit board from the metal plate and lift the metal plate.
  • Carefully lift the tabs on the plastic frame and look for any dropped reflectors.
  • Use Q-tips to add glue to them. (apply glue around where the reflector fell off)
  • After applying the glue, put the reflector in place and hold it until it is compressed.
  • Once done, reverse the entire process to assemble your TV.
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    If you have difficulty in some steps in the above procedure, watch this great video where everything is explained in detail and shows the whole process how to fix this problem with white spots or dots on TV your LCD.

    How to check your TV screen for white spots?

    If you already have an LCD TV or have decided to buy one, the testing process will be identical. I always do a test before deciding to buy a new LCD TV. Even new models can have problems with white spots or dots. During transportation or due to poor installation, the reflector may fall out and cause white spots. So, to test your TV before you buy it and see if picture errors appear, you can do a simple test.

    • Ask your dealer to turn on the TV before you pick it up.
    • Then select a dark prototype in the settings menu. If you can’t find it, connect to the media source and display a black image on the screen.
    • If everything is fine and there are no white spots, you are free to buy the TV.

    Note! You can also press pause at the movie intro when the screen is black to check the LCD TV for white spots or dots.

    The most common types of TVs may appear white spots

    Read more: how to get flies out of a dog poop container There are different models (types) of TVs that can have problems with white spots or white dots. On some TV models, The problem that causes white spots may be differentSo it’s important to know how to proceed, also remember that if you run into a more complex problem, leave it to the experts. In the table below you can see how to troubleshoot white spots or dots for different types of TVs:TV TypeThe main cause of white spots or dotsFix white dot problem

    When to replace the screen?

    When to Replace Screen White Spots NecessaryWhite spots (dots) on TV screens are a very common problem on LCD TVs. Almost all LCD TVs work using a small chip made up of millions of tiny mirrors. Each mirror is like a dot or pixel on that screen.When the reflector or lens is shifted out of position, which causes these white dots to appear on the screen. But in some cases, there can be more damage to your TV screen than just a moved reflector or a dead pixel, and it can cost you more than a new matrix. suggest contacting a television specialist if you notice that the problem is not only with the reflectors being moved, but also with something else. Please keep in mind that if your TV is still under warranty, you should contact a service centerand let them handle the problem. They have more experience with these types of problems and they will fix your TV for free.

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    The white spot problem is nothing new, and it can appear on almost any LCD or LED TV whether it’s brand new or used. We mentioned in this article that this problem can be solved very easily and you don’t have to worry, you can disassemble the TV and see if the reflective lenses fall out of place. and use super glue to attach them back. If you think you can’t solve the problem yourself, contact a TV service technician and let them do the work. I hope that we have helped you at least a little and that you will be able to solve the problem with the white dots.Read more: how does a gemini man want you back | Top Q&A

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