DIY Tie Dye Bandana For The Fourth Of July

What does Bandana dye your tie say about you?

While current events can make me feel hopeless, creating something tangible will make me feel better. And by making this 4th of July-themed bandanna, I found a way that I could remember and honor the roots of American thought on independence, liberty, liberty, equality that I still believe and hope for. yourself is that because you choose each element of the project, you can put your own feelings and meaning into everything. Something as simple as a piece of tie can be a powerful tool. Using a three-color combination of red, white and blue is also of its own importance. It has been a symbol of freedom since the 16th century! No matter what country you come from, these are deeply resonant ideals.

DIY Bleach Tie Dye Bandana

Supplies: Read more: How long does spray paint dry Steps: To mix the dye, mix hot water with a little dish soap and a few teaspoons of salt. Add your dye. Test the color with a paper towel to make sure you get the shade you want. Soak bananas under cold running water.July 4 Tied with a dyed scarf 5 out of 15July 4 Tied with a dyed scarf 4 of 15 1July 4 Tied with a dyed scarf 3 of 15 1Jul 4 Tie Dye Bandanas 6 out of 15For the twisted shape (1), wrap the bandana around a pole (we used a broom handle) and then wrap the twine around it then roll the towel together. For square (2), the accordion folds the towel one side and then the other, alternating directions. Place two pieces of plastic or wooden blocks on each side and add an elastic band to keep them in place. The more elastic bands you use, the less visible the dye will be. Super simple.tieeyebandanasRead more: How to make your house look like a castle Leave them wrapped in rubber bands for a few hours for the dye to soak in. Then rinse and rinse. Enjoy your new tie-dyed scarf! You can also use a dark bandana and bleach in place of the dye for a similar look!

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10 ways to wear a bandana

We love things that have a homemade and whimsical feel with a touch of vintage flair. It should come as no surprise to you that we love dyed headbands! In case all you can imagine hearing the word “bandana” is cowboy, I have come up with some cute styling ideas for you. Then, select the one side you just folded and continue folding in 2-inch-wide segments until you reach the other side. Tie the two pointed ends together into a knot around the head and tie the knot on the top of the head or hidden under the hair.10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandanaPony Up: Tie your hair into a ponytail first, then tie the bandana around your ponytail holder. If you prefer a more laid-back, romantic pony, use a bandana as a hair tie and let some hair fall out of the dyed ponytail. Tres chic!10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandanaPanAm Stewardess Style: This style is amazing. I love the classic flight attendant uniforms, and the scarf is what really does that for me. Using a tie-dyed scarf makes the overall look more casual and easy to wear. Fold the scarf into a long strip (like you would with a headband) and tie it around your neck loosely or taught. Let the tails hang out and you’ll master the “I tried, but not too hard” look.10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandanaBag accessory: I like to tie a scarf to the base of a purse strap. It’s an easy way to access gear without anything extra! If your grocery store outfit is a little bleak, tie a bandana over your bag so that the color is instantly infused. Fold it in half into a triangle and tie it at the neckline under all of your hair.10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandanaCowgirl Face Mask Read more: How to get vampire teeth naturally? (Diy and Professional Techniques) This method is becoming extremely trendy right now as it is a DIY mask without sewing!! (I just heard a crowd in my mind, cheering). Since western clothing is back on trend, feel free to wear a full cowgirl and tie it around your face in a classic style.10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandanaSurgical Masks If you want a little more effort (still no stitches), try this method! Lay the freshly dyed square towel flat. Fold the top and bottom edges until they meet in the center. Next, Flip the cloth so that the opening is at the back. Repeat the same fold again, bringing the top and bottom edges to the center. Turn the cloth over. Place loose hair ties or ribbons on the left and right sides of the fabric, dividing it into thirds. Fold both sides towards the center with the crease about where the hair is. Fold the left side of the hairband towards the center and tuck the left end into the opening on the right end to secure. Place the elastic over your ear with the folded side in to your face. The layers act as a filter and the pleats make it easy to wear when talking, etc. Tie the scarf around your neck with the point at the back.10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandanaAround the waist If your outfit could be a little more stylish, add a scarf around the waistband of your pants! It instantly elevates a classic pair of jeans and t-shirts.10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandanaHead wrap Be bold enough to wear your bandana in this fun style. And a pro tip: it covers your unwashed social distancing hair nicely10 ways to wear a tie dyed bandana*** Tips: press the pleats at each stage and use a stiffer fabric for stability. Adjust the thickness of the wrapper/fold to facilitate ease.

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Other tie-dying things we love!

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